1. Tatsurô, Miya, Satochi & YUKKE from MUCC by Snow’s Lotus


  2. Tatsurou, YUKKE … with Candle : ) 

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    以前、山本・石井がバックバンドを務めていた『river』というバンドの『花』という曲をカバーさせて頂きました。ストリーミング限定ですが、Candleとしては一年ぶりの正式録音音源となります。(作詞・作曲 有馬 康尊 / 編曲 Candle) http://candle.main.jp

    The cover arrangement of music called the “hana” of a band “river” was carried out. “river” is the band with which Kei and Atsushi were on the register at ancient times. It is streaming limited public presentation.(lyric , music by Yasutaka Arima / arranged by Candle) http://candle.main.jp


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  5. Candle - Nanimo Naibasho

    Awesome song!

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  7. Young Guns - You Are Not

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  10. Huang Jianwei  - Over the way